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A new era in underwriting and risk management

Orchestra provides a unified and comprehensive view of risk, empowering underwriters, exposure managers, and modelers with real-time analytics, dynamic pricing, and model-agnostic capabilities.

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A Holistic Approach to Underwriting and Risk Management

Merging underwriting, exposure management, and modeling into one seamless platform, Orchestra integrates these traditionally independent functions into a cohesive platform, offering a comprehensive view of risk through a unified lens.

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Navigate Catastrophic Events with Confidence

Orchestra equips your team with a sophisticated event response tool, designed for rapid and accurate assessment of how unfolding events impact your portfolio. This feature enables real-time updates and monitoring of exposed aggregates, ensuring that you're always prepared for the unexpected.

  • Real-Time Event Footprint Updates
  • Comprehensive Exposure Monitoring
  • Strategic Decision Support
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Fine-Tune Your Strategy with In-Depth Analysis

With Orchestra's marginal impact analysis, gain the ability to scrutinize the incremental effects of adding or adjusting risks within your portfolio. This tool offers dynamic monitoring and analysis at the point of pricing, providing insights across various organisational dimensions—whether by line of business, legal entity, or organisational unit.

  • Dynamic Analysis Capabilities
  • Cross-Organizational Insights
  • Model-Agnostic Flexibility

Read what our customers have to say

"Orchestra’s powerful financial engine allows us to ingest differing and incompatible model outputs, enabling us to not only develop a credible modelled view of risk, but to also utilise this output alongside our conventional portfolio analysis techniques."
Greg Roberts
Chief Underwriting Officer, Conduit
"We weren’t just looking for industry-leading software, but also for a provider that could help us customize the platform to our needs. We are delighted to be working with Symfos and are excited to fully leverage the capabilities of Orchestra for our business"
David Ross
Lead Underwriter US & Retro, Bernina Re
"Since Aviva started using Orchestra, the portfolio roll-up process has been streamlined, with the time taken reduced by 60-70%."
Callum Yorston
Senior Exposure Management Analyst, Aviva
"Orchestra has transformed our exposure management capabilities, meaning we’re more agile and efficient, and can provide a better service to brokers and clients. As a business we’ve enhanced risk decisions, harnessed efficiencies and embraced new technologies to stay innovative, which we will continue to do."
Karen Daval
Chief Underwriting Officer Commercial Lines, Aviva

Elevating risk solutions

Transforming underwriting and risk analyses with seamless integration and advanced analytics.

Orchestra Dashboard

Point-of-Sale Tool

Experience the ease and efficiency of Orchestra's point-of-sale tool, designed for intuitive risk assessment and dynamic pricing.

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Orchestra equips underwriters with an intuitive, powerful point-of-sale tool, designed to streamline the underwriting process.

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Exposure Management

Empower your exposure management with Orchestra's robust analytics, delivering actionable insights in real time.

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Orchestra's model-agnostic approach offers modellers a broad and adaptable platform, ensuring comprehensive coverage and flexibility.

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Orchestra integrates with premier risk management and modeling tools, enhancing your platform's ability to simplify workflows, boost analysis, and sharpen decision-making.

Why you need Orchestra

Orchestra stands out by offering:

Model Agnostic

Seamlessly integrate with any model vendor for unmatched flexibility in underwriting and risk analysis.

Financial Structure

Easily model complex (re)insurance structures for smarter pricing and decision-making.

Marginal Impact

Quickly assess the effects of changes on your portfolio with detailed impact analysis.

Movement Analysis

Analyze year-on-year and risk-on-risk movements for deeper insights into your exposure.

Portfolio Analytics

Unlock insights into portfolio drivers and benchmarks for informed strategic planning.

Event Response

Enhance your response to catastrophic events with agile and informed decision-making tools.

Data Quality

Ensure data integrity with comprehensive analysis tools for risk and portfolio management.


Automate routine tasks, boosting efficiency and allowing focus on strategic decisions.

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