A New Approach to Underwriting

A Holistic and Integrated Approach to Underwriting and Risk Management

Point-of-Sale Tool

An Intuitive and Dynamic Point-of-sale Tool for Risk Pricing

Exposure Management

Powerful Real-time analytics that are Insightful and Actionable


A Model Agnostic Platform that is comprehensive in its coverage and flexible in its approach

Event Response

A powerful event response tool to track your exposures as the event is unfolding


A Holistic Approach to Underwriting and Risk Management

Orchestra is a cloud base platform offering a holistic approach to underwriting and risk management to the (re)insurance industry.

Underwriting, exposure management and modelling are traditionally viewed as separate and distinct operations. Orchestra combines all three operations under a single holistic platform, providing you with a single source of truth across multiple views of risk.


Orchestra offers underwriters a point of sale tool which is intuitive to use, dynamic, powerful and real time pricing capabilities at the point of underwriting.

Exposure Managers

Orchestra offers exposure managers a powerful real time analytics capability that are insightful and actionable.


Orchestra offers modellers a model agnostic platform that is comprehensive in its coverage and flexible in its approach.

Why You Need Orchestra

Model Agnostic

Why be restricted to only one model vendor or one vendor model?

Financial Structure

Visualise and model complex (re)insurance structures at the point of pricing.

Marginal Impact

Multi-level marginal impact analysis.

Movement Analysis

Year-on-year, risk-on-risk exposure and loss movement analysis.

Portfolio Analytics

Insightful portfolio drivers and portfolio comparison analytics.

Event Response

Powerful and dynamic event response capabilities.

Data Quality

Exposure and loss data quality analysis at the risk and portfolio level.


Robots to do repetitive and mundane tasks that you hate (do them well and do them consistently).

Orchestra Highlights

Underwriting Dashboard

Maximise your profit whilst staying within your risk appetite and capital allocation.

Orchestra provides underwriters with dashboards that are dynamic and updated in real-time.

Portfolio Dashboard

Slice and dice your portfolio with a few clicks of your mouse.

Orchestra provides you with the ability to build a portfolio split by region, by peril, by lines of business and by risk types etc to analyse what risks are driving your portfolio, where and by how much.

Point of Sale Tool

Visualise and structure a risk using our proprietary drag-and-drop user interface.

Orchestra provides underwriters a point-of-sale tool which is intuitive to use; dynamic, powerful and with real-time pricing capabilities at the point of underwriting.

Deep Dive Your Risk

Analyse and interrogate changes in risk profile, what’s changing, where’s changing and how much is changing.

Orchestra provides underwriters in-depth insight into exposure and loss movements for year-on-year risk renewals.

RDS Monitoring

Keep track and monitor your how much headroom you have left for your RDS aggregates. Ensure that you never breach your limits unknowingly.

Orchestra provides RDS monitoring for both deterministic and stochastic RDS event sets for all portfolios. See what risks are driving your RDS and by how much.

Event Response

Update the event footprint in real time for portfolio exposed aggregates monitoring and reporting.

Orchestra provides you with a powerful event response tool to quickly analysis to what extent your portfolio will be affected and what risks are exposed and by how much as the event is unfolding.

Financial Structures

Reinsurance contracts are becoming evermore complex and challenging. The ability to visualise and walk through your contract, step by step reduces errors whilst allowing pricing to be carried out in real-time.

Orchestra’s drag and drop financial structure module makes this complex task simple and intuitive to use.

Marginal Impact Analysis

At the point of pricing, you can dynamically monitor and analyse marginal impact against different parts of your organisation (i.e. by lines of business, legal entities or organisation unit etc).

Orchestra provides marginal impact at the AAL and EPs by region/peril split as well as against exposed limits for model independent analysis.

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