Who We Are

We are a specialist software provider to the (re)insurance industry with special emphasis on the Lloyd’s of London market.

We believe in being democratic and that small syndicates and start-ups should have access to the same advanced analytics and point-of-sale tool as the big syndicates but without the associated costs involved.

Our aim is to provide the insurance market with state of the art software platform that is holistic in approach and model agnostic in application.

Our Team

Bao Cam

Managing Director

Bao has over 20 years’ experience in software development and project delivery specifically within the Insurance and Banking industries. Bao is passionate about delivering solutions that offer tangible benefits to our clients.

Bao has the ambition for Symfos to be a leading solutions provider to the global insurance industry.

Eden Ridgway

Chief Technology Officer

Eden has over 16 years of experience in the IT industry with specific focus in the insurance and banking arena. Eden has held a number of leadership roles ranging from CTO to Development manager but has always maintained his development skills and relish taking on challenging business and technical problems.

Eden is a technical leader focused on delivering innovative solutions that prioritise value to the business.

Damon Ridgway

Development Manager

Damon is a senior analyst developer who has led teams in investment banking, e-commerce and bespoke development companies. He has also tried his hand in start-ups and founded his own company in big data analytics in 2013.

Damon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in web technologies, UI development, data processing and visualisation.

Stephen Hardman

Test Manager

Stephen has over 30 years' experience in software development and testing on applications in a wide range of areas including real-time military, telecommunications, E-commerce, training and aptitude testing, investment banking, mortgage processing and insurance.

He has spent the last 13 years in London market and general insurance working with almost all aspects of the business from underwriting through to claims, financial and actuarial.

Samuel Mead

Senior Analyst Developer

Samuel graduated in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Manchester in 2010. Samuel spent a number of years in travel technology, developing large scale, high transaction websites. He has acted as lead developer in several performance projects including an award winning 'Best Optimised/Responsive Mobile Website’ in early 2013.

He has brought with him a shining personality and an array of valuable skills, contributing to our growing range of bespoke solutions.

Gert Cloete

Senior Analyst Developer

Gert is a senior analyst developer with over 20 years of experience in the financial industry in South Africa, bringing a deep knowledge of banking and investment to the team. Gert believes in the application of technology to solve business problems at hand and, seeing the way it can enrich and simplify client's lives, feels is a journey worth taking every day.

Gert is a logical thinker and this by nature makes him passionate about the world of programming & Information Technology.

Sean Cam

Business Operations Assistant

Sean recently graduated in History at the University of Manchester. Since leaving university, Sean has spent a few months as an associate strategy intern at a large start-up and is now training for a role in business operations.

Sean brings an appetite for learning and a fresh perspective to the industry and the Symfos solution.